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Univision 2018

Kairos Production provided Technical Direction and managed all scenic elements for the Univision Upfront held at Spring Studios on May 14 & 15, 2018. The massive experiential event occupied the entire venue, from the first floor registration to the 5th floor main presentation keynote, all the way to the sunny rooftop with amazing views and delicious catering.

Kairos supervised all main stage scenic elements, and the specially designed activations on the 5th floor studios for Sports, Music and Entertainment, as well the 7th floor elements dedicated to Univision’s News assets.

The Sports hall, dedicated to “The Beautiful Game,” included a custom curved wall of over 700 soccer balls, an expansive projection covering a full cyc, and an elegant display of the world’s most famous soccer trophies.

The Entertainment and Music rooms included an immersive sampling of some of Univision’s best content that engaged thousands of viewers over the two-day event, including a flight simulator, a music room featuring hundreds of mirror balls, and silent DJ headphones for listeners to experience some hot Univision content.

The event was produced by the FIRST Agency. Scenery provided by SceniCorp of NY and Square Design, video by Essay Video, lighting by IMCD, and audio by ADI.